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With Joint Academy, Arthro has re-invented healthcare with an evidence-based approach. Our team of experienced professors, clinicians, and cutting edge engineers created the world's first digital treatment program for osteoarthritis.

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Fear of physical activity


70% of the patients report less fear of physical activity after 6 weeks of using Joint Academy.

Less desired surgery


24% of the patients answered they did not want surgery anymore after completing the 6 week intervention

Medication usage


22% of the patients state to have removed or reduced their medication usage after completing the 6-week program.

A holistic solution for treating joint pain

Joint Academy replaces a complicated system with a single program, leading to a more coordinated patient experience. It’s an end-to-end treatment that really works.

Precision targeting

With data science, we can identify and enroll the right patients, helping you to regain your investment faster.

Patient support

Our extensive team of medical specialists and customer success people are always on hand for each patient.

Pay for outcomes

We don't only talk the talk - we walk the walk. By only charging you for engagement and outcomes, we break the cost curve.

But wait - there's more!

They say good things come in threes, and that is true for the benefits of Joint Academy as well.

With intelligent screening, we enroll and receive referrals to care for your patient group.
We know how to attract and keep the interest of each patient, so engagement comes included.
We have 24/7 support to answer all and any questions you may have

"As a care coordinator, my mission is to make your experience with Joint Academy as smooth as possible."

Jennifer, care coordinator for Joint Academy

Clinical results show us this is the way to go

High engagement boosts positive results. That's why Joint Academy, which is an easy-to-follow program that adapts to each patient's level, gives such great outcomes.


Average decrease in joint pain after 30 weeks in Joint Academy


Average increase in physical function after 30 weeks in Joint Academy


Of the participants complete the 6 week program

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Understand how you can use digital therapeutics

Learn how to increase engagement, boost positive results, and improve osteoarthritis care all at once in our white paper.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards


Joint Academy is HIPAA and CE-certified. Our security is naturally of the highest standard.

International guidelines

Our program complies with OARSI, AAOS, American College of Rheumatology and many more.


We integrate with EHRs and other medical billing softwares.

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