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Arthro's digital intervention Joint Academy revolutionizes the way the world views and treats osteoarthritis. With digital therapeutics, healthcare becomes scalable and cost-efficient.

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An estimated 30 million US and 45 million european citizens are affected by osteoarthritis today. [1, 2] Almost half of this population will have developed the disease by the age of 85. [3] This makes sustainable care of the condition a pressing issue.

[1] Osteoarthritis Prevalence and Modifiable Factors: a Population Study [2] Osteoarthritis in Europe: impact on health status, work productivity and use of pharmacotherapies in five European countries [3] The Burden of Hip Osteoarthritis in the United States

Better care and lower costs, that's our promise

You don't have to choose either or. Joint Academy is based on science and extensive experience, resulting in tangible outcomes and improved healthcare.


Transforming healthcare wouldn't be possible without extensive knowledge. We make sure that we are experts in our field.

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The intersection of digital therapeutics and data science opens up news possibilities for treating chronic conditions in a sustainable way.

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Outcome-based healthcare

We require results. Our principal purpose is to improve the quality of life for patients as cost-efficiently as possible through clinically meaningful outcomes.

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The leading experts in the field

Everyone at the Arthro office is committed to improve the lives of people with osteoarthritis, making teamwork a breeze. And by the way, our Medical Advisory Board has literally written the standard for osteoarthritis care.

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