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Arthro is dedicated to make healthcare better with a new approach of diagnosing and treating chronic conditions. Our treatment program allows patients to live healthier lives with less pain - and at the same time, we reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the healthcare system as a whole. In short: at Arthro, you will get the opportunity to improve millions of lives.


Never stop learning

When working at Arthro, you get the chance to exchange experiences with all kinds of different people while learning about osteoarthritis.

Help change the world

Spend your time and energy where it really makes a positive difference in the world and give people with osteoarthritis a better life.

Get to know your new best friends

The team at Arthro is not only incredibly competent and creative, we’re also the greatest (and the most humble) people you’ll ever meet.

Work and after-work in the same place

Arthro’s office is a creative place where you share workspace with your closest teammates. We also have an in-office bar for after work beers or coffees.

Plan your office hours yourself

Your life outside of work is important. Our flexible working hours lets you be productive no matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl.

Expand your area of expertise

You’ll never again feel like you don’t get the opportunities you want and deserve - you will get to work in every field you’re comfortable in.

Careers at Arthro

Help us make today's healthcare system better. This change won't be made by a single individual - it takes a team. The Arthro-team works hard, shares ideas, and drinks a lot of coffee - sometimes all at the same time. Sounds awesome? Come be a part of it!

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